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Advent Children is a continuation of the Final Fantasy 7 story. This takes place two years after the events of the final battle. The movie will be done in all CG and will feature a few new characters. Cloud seems to be the only known "alive" person from the original, Sephiroth scene looks like a flashback. It is not known if the parts of the trailer will actually be featured in the movie. So far, all we know for a release date is probably the summer of 2004 in Japan. Other than that, who knows what great things can come out of this.


Not much is known about a release date for this movie. Expect it sometime next year however.

Introduction - A basic introduction to Advent Children including release dates.

Trailer Downloads - A number of trailers surfaced early on. Any of them that we happen to get our hands on we'll post here for you to download!

Magazine Scans - High quality image scans, usually from Japanese magazines. These images are usually among the first bits of media to surface when a project is announced.

Images - Very high quality, high resolution images/pictures that were leaked early on.

--- Page I - The first really high quality images that leaked. 16 total. These are full DVD quality pictures.

--- Page II - The newest images, featuring our first looks at Junon, Vincent from Advent Children!

--- Page III - These are "unconfirmed" images. They may pan out to be fakes, but we'll leave them here for you anyway! Currently features a picture of Aeris. More are sure to come.

Characters - A list of characters and what role they'll play in the movie. Sephiroth, Cloud, Vincent, Barret, they're all here!

Staff - A list of the Advent Children production staff, and details on the other projects they've worked on.

Interviews - All Advent Children interviews will be posted here. Currently, we have an interview with Tetsuya Nomura, who is working on Advent Children and was on the original Final Fantasy 7 Team!

Translations - Translated Advent Children trailers. Text-only, but you can usually find the corresponding trailer in the trailer section and follow along.

Final Fantasy Advent Children Index

- Introduction
- Trailer Downloads
- Magazine Scans
- Images
--- Page I
--- Page II
--- Page III
- Trailer Screens
--- Trailer #1
--- Trailer #2
--- Trailer #3
--- Trailer #4
--- Trailer #5
--- E3 Trailer
- Preview
--- Page I
--- Page II
--- Page III
- Characters
- Staff
- Interviews
- Translations
- Wallpapers
- Music
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