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This air craft, the Highwind, was designed originally by Cid highwind from Rocket Town. After long hard years of work, the Shinra stole this aircraft from Cid. But soon to be, Cid stole it right back. The Highwind includes a conference room, a large deck, and a Chocobo stable for carrying along Chocobos on your journey.
Tiny Bronco



Another aircraft of Cid Highwind's, the Tiny Bronco is a small, but fast, airplane. After being shot down by Rufus and Shinra, the Tiny Bronco can no longer fly but it can navigate through shallow waters to aid the team in transportation



After stealing the Submarine from the Shinra, Cloud and his team can now navigate the ocean floors. You can use the Submarine for search in the Crashed Gelinka, you can battle enemy Subs, and even fight the elusive Emerald Weapon by using this one in a kind Submarine.



Found inside the first floor of the Shinra building, the Sa-37 is a fast easy to navigate vehicle. It aids Cloud's teamates in the escaping of the Shinra. While Barret and friends drive the Sa-37, Cloud has to fend of the Shinra moter bikes to protect his friends while escaping Midgar.



The Buggy comes from Dio at the Gold Saucer after you battle your way from the Gold Saucer desert. The Buggy isn't as useful as the other vehicles, but it can cross shallow waters and other terrains without any problem.

Chocobos can be found throughout the world of FF7. Chocobos can only be attracted with use of a Chocobo lure while on Chocobo tracks. The Chocobo is the most useful means of transportation throughout the whole game. Chocobos can be bread with other Chocobos to make special Chocobos which help the team find several hidden treasure, including the ever so good, Knights of The Round materia.


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