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Adding Yuffie to the party
Adding Vincent to the party
Weapon Seller
Sleeping Man
Turtle Paradise Flyers
Cloud Flashback
Lucky 7's
Kalm Traveler
Master Materia
Lucrecia and Vincent's Past
Bone Village
Return Visit to Cosmo Canyon
Ancient Forest

Adding Yuffie to the party

When you reach Fort Condor, roam around in the forest until you encounter a "Mystery Ninja". You shouldn't have a problem with her unless you're at a very low level. Which will tell you to start leveling up right now. Another tip I tell everyone is to have Cloud always be the one at the highest level. If you're at a lower level than Yuffie when you get her, you'd better start leveling up. After you defeat her, you find yourself in an open field with Yuffie on the ground and a save point nearby. Do NOT use the save point. Talk to Yuffie and answer all of her questions with the following answers:

1. Not Interested
2. Petrified
3. Wait a second!
4. That's right
5. Let's hurry on

When you answer all of her questions correctly, she will join your party.

Adding Vincent to the party

After you arrive in Nibelheim, go to the Shinra Mansion after you explore the town. Be careful in the mansion as the enemies here tend to be annoying and some are quite powerful. Once you enter through the main door, head to the left. There, a piece of paper lies on the floor. It talks about a game that was made by some scientist. The note also gives clues on where the code to the safe upstairs are. Head upstairs and to the left into the room with the plants. In there is a chest. Open it and you'll get an item. But don't leave the place yet. Check the box again and you'll find that it has something on the back (Right 36).

Go back downstairs and find the piano. It shouldn't be too hard. Now check the area around the piano and you should come upon another note (Left 10).

Now go upstairs onto the balcony. Here, go to your right. The should be two rooms. The upper room is where you want to start. There's also a chest there for you to open. Once you're done, head back outside the room and walk down the hallway and if you listen closely, you will hear a squeak sometime. If you really don't want to listen, just press the action button continuously while you walk up and down the hallway. You should get the next code (Right 59).

The last number is back where you started near the entrance. Go and read the piece of paper again and at the screen which allows you to choose the clues for the others, go down and there should be a hidden one which is the last code (Right 97).

Now, I'm warning you, the boss you are about to fight is possibly one of the most difficult bosses in the game. Make sure you have your best equipment and your best materia equipped before you attempt to fight this boss. It is also a good idea to save here. When you're ready, go upstairs and head to the left of the balcony and into the room with the safe. Now turn the dial to the correct numbers as fast as possible and avoid going over that number as that counts as a failure. When you get to the number, press the action button. If you do it correctly, the "Odin" materia will pop out and you will be attacked by the boss, "Lost Number". If you want information on how to beat this boss, refer to the Boss Guide. After you beat the boss, you recieve the "Basement Key".

After you pick up the "Odin" materia, go to the right of the balcony and into the hidden staircase. Descend and travel along the tunnel until you see a door. The first door you see is the one you want. Go inside and talk to the coffin. Vincent will pop out and talk to you. He then goes back inside the coffin. Talk to him until he refuses to come out of his coffin. Then head out and into the other door in the tunnel where you will meet Sephiroth. After the encounter, head out of the tunnel. Vincent stops you and joins your party.

Weapon Seller

This man is also the same person who informs you that he sold the "Keystone" to Dio, the president of the Gold Saucer. He lives east of Gongaga in a small house. After you visit the Sleeping Man, which is the next chapter, and get "Mythril" from him, talk to the Weapon Seller. He gives you the choice of taking anything from either the chest upstairs or the chest downstairs. The chest downstairs contains a "Gold Armlet" while the chest upstairs contains Aeris' final limit break, "Great Gospel".

Sleeping Man

You can get to this man when you get the buggy which you can ride on the ship at Costa Del Sol with. Head back to Junon and ride the buggy around the area between Fort Condor and Junon. While you drive around, look for a river. When you find it, cross it where it's shallow and you'll see a cave. Enter the cave and talk to the man sleeping on his bed. He mumbles random things but the thing you want to look for is how many times you've been in battle. He also gives you other statistics. What you are trying to do is make the last two digits of the number of battles you've fought the same. For example, if he says you've fought 38 battles, you need to fight 6 more battles so that the number of battles you've fought in comes out to 44. When you talk to him, he'll awake and give you a "Bolt Ring", but don't count on coming back for more because he only gives that out once. Go talk to the Weapon Seller which is described in the chapter above. After you talk to him, go back to the Sleeping Man and he will give you "Mythril". The uses of this item is described in the chapter above.

Turtle Paradise Flyers

If you get all of the flyers, you get a prize that consists one of each of, "Power Source", "Guard Source", "Magic Source", "Mind Source", "Speed Source", "Luck Source", and a "Megalixer". The Flyers can be found in the following locations:

Flyer 1: Midgar Sector 5 Slums in the boys room inside the house to the right.
Flyer 2: Shinra HQ on Level 1. Found on the bulletin board on the back.
Flyer 3: Gold Saucer on the wall of the Ghost Hotel's lobby.
Flyer 4: Cosmo Canyon next to the weapon's shop.
Flyer 5: Cosmo Canyon next to the inn's desk.
Flyer 6: Wutai in the basement of Yuffie's house outside of the trap room.

Cloud Flashback

Any time after Cloud comes back to reality from his dream-like state, go back to the Shinra Mansion and into the basement. Head into the room with all of the laboratory equipment. Here, Cloud should have a flashback and this sequence should reveal how they returned to Midgar after the incident in Nibelheim.

Lucky 7's

If anyone in your party's HP reaches to 7777, they will go berserk and strike the opponent a number of times at a damage rate of 7777. This is called the Lucky 7's. After the battle, however, the character's HP will be reduced to 1 to prevent this state from rolling over to another battle. Experiment with multiple materia combinations to see if you can attain a max HP level of 7777.

Kalm Traveler

Look around in Kalm and in one of the houses on the upper floor, you encounter an old man who seeks three items. They are the "Guide Book", "Earth Harp", and a "Desert Rose". The guide book is found by morphing a Ghost Ship in the tunnels that lead to the Junon Underwater Reactor. The "Earth Harp" is attained by defeating the Emerald Weapon. The "Desert Rose" is stolen from Ruby Weapon after you beat it. The "Guide Book" will get you the "Underwater" materia, which it's only use is to allow you to get rid of the time limit while fighting the Emerald Weapon. The "Earth Harp" will get you one of each of, "Master Magic", "Master Summon", and "Master Command". The "Desert Rose" results in a chocobo. I don't quite recommend this one since you can get a better Gold Chocobo by breeding one. The process of which is described in the Chocobo Breeding Guide.

Master Materia

To obtain "Master" materia, you have to master every materia in each category. After you do this, you should go to Bugenhagen's Laboratory and examine each "Huge" materia. This results in receiving all of the "Master" materias. Each "Huge" materia brings forth a different "Master" materia depending on which class it belongs to.

Lucrecia and Vincent's Past

When you get the sub, make sure you have Vincent in your party and go diving around north of Costa Del Sol. Doing this will allow for you to find a small cave. Enter the cave and you will find Lucrecia. After that sequence, head back out and fight 10 battles. After that, go back to the cave and you recieve Vincent's ultimate weapon and his final limit break.

Bone Village

This village is a large excavation area that you can use to dig up some very useful items. If you choose to search for "Good Treasure", then you will find either the "Buntline" or the "Mop." If you choose "Normal Treasure", then you will probably find common objects or the "Key to Sector 5". Getting this item means that you can go back into Midgar to buy some special new items.

Return Visit to Cosmo Canyon

After you finish up the incident with the Sister Ray, go back to Cosmo Canyon and head into the item shop. If you've been in here before, you probably noticed a door in the side that was locked. Well, it's now open and you can get the "Full Cure" materia, a "Magic Source", and an "Elixir"

Ancient Forest

This place can be reached after you beat Ultimate Weapon or if you raise a Green, Black, or Gold Chocobo. The entire "forest" is really a large puzzle which rewards you with good items in the end. Before you start the game, muster up all the patience you have and head on in. The first thing you see when you walk in is a hopping green dot. This is an insect. The only use for it is to throw it into one of the pitcher plants so that you can jump on them. If you go over and hit the action button while you are close to it, then a dialog will pop-up. But this dialog will only open up once so remember to read it all and take special notice about the button that resets the puzzle.

Once you read it, you'll notice that you picked up the insect. Walk over under the bridge and place it near the ramp. Go and grab both of the insects under the bridge and do likewise. Throw the insect that you have in your hands into the first pitcher and then head back to grab the other insect and doing likewise, throwing it into the second and last pitcher. Congratulations, you have passed the first puzzle.

This should give you an idea of what the rest of the place is like, but don't go on thinking it's this easy. It gets really hard later on. When you cross, grab the "Supershot ST" for Vincent. It's on the venus fly trap like thing so don't walk over there too fast to grab it. Instead, walk until you are close and press the action button and that will get you the weapon. If you do get caught, remember to heal your party before you attempt it again. After you get it, head to the right and pick up the "Spring Gun Clip" and exit to the next part of the puzzle.

In the next part of the puzzle, there should be an insect in front of you. Pick it up and go to the right. When you come upon the pink elastic plant and have the option of jumping or staying, choose jumping. This should bring you to a ledge where you discharge your insect and into the pitcher plant. Use the pitcher plants to jump across the venus fly trap like thing at the bottom. Now, there should be a frog which you can grab. Take him and go to the ledge on the upper part of the path. There, you should see two pitcher plants. Get the frog to go into the left pitcher plant and jump onto it afterwards. Wait until the frog gets spit out so that you get propelled onto the platform above with it. One the platform, there is a bees nest. Grab it and jump down. Throw the nest into the venus fly traps mouth and it will close leaving you open access to the "Slash-All" materia.

Once you do this, grab the frog again and instead, put it into the pitcher plant on the right. You can see a bag on one of the branches above, but don't worry, you can't get it right now. Head to the right into the next part of the puzzle. In the next area, find both insects here and come back to the beginning part of the area and throw them into the two pitcher plants. They lead to the pink elastic plant which will allow you to reach another area. Head to the left and then go down. Now you should be able to get to the bag that you saw earlier. Grab the "Minerva Band" and go further down. You will then jump back into the same area as you were in before. Redo the process and head back into the canopy. Here, instead of going down, head upwards. It should slingshot you around and to a broken branch that will make you jump to three pink elastic plants. You will find the "Typhoon" materia here.

Head back across the three pink elastic plants. When you reach the broken branch, head downward until you get to the base of the branch and go up. This should bring you to the previous area, but a different location. Now, walk down the rope and into the next part. Grab one of the insects and throw it into the pitcher plant. Use that to climb on the other pitcher plant. This pitcher plant is already closed so you don't need to worry about putting the other insect in there. Get to the bee's nest and grab it. Jump down and throw the bee's nest into the venus fly trap. Grab the other insect and toss it into the pitcher plant. Jump across and grab another insect. Walk into the hollow tree and let go of the insect. A frog will appear so pick him up and move him close to the pitcher plant you just rode on. Go to the beginning of the area and grab the other insect. Use this insect to shut the pitcher plant, grab the frog, and jump across. Use the frog on the other open pitcher plant and wait on top of the pitcher plant until it shoots you to the last part of the puzzle.

There is a cave at the end where you will find the "Apocalypse" and and "Elixir". Exit the Ancient Forest by the cave opening to the top. Congratulations! You have finished the Ancient Forest puzzle.

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