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What most Final Fantasy 7 fans never experienced was the Sampler Disc that came with Tobal No.1, another Squaresoft game that was released on the PSone. The sampler disc was the first public released demo of Final Fantasy 7 and included movies for various other Squaresoft games.

Many small and big differences can be found in the sampler disc, some more obvious than others. This page will show you the many differences from the Final and the Sampler Version.

The Sampler Main Screen and Explanation of the Controls used in Final Fantasy 7

Now to start up the demo!

The intro the game looks almost the same as the Final... except

There's intro text stating what is going on, this was taken out of the final game.


The train stop looks almost the same however there is no potion from the knocked out guard to the right.

The music also sounds a bit different in terms of instruments used. Lets move on to a battle!

Barret and Aeris are in the party early in the game and Barret looks kinda different. You'll also note that Cloud is not known as "Ex-SOLDIER".

Gimme GP! Not Gil but GP.


You may notice that the text format is a big different. The name usually goes on the first line of text and the rest go after the first line. Also, "ex-soldier"... something's wrong with that. In the Final, it's "Ex-SOLDIER" in all caps.

It seems like Cloud doesn't like talking directly to people, he's looking to the left... strange.


As you may have noticed in the intro text, they aren't blowing up Mako Reactors but Mokoro Plants.


A few more things to note, Aeris has a Leviathan summon. Limit Breaks weren't called Limit Breaks, they were specials.


You never recalled seeing that menu on the bottom do you? When you use All materia with a magic, this extra menu pops up to let you select All or Single targets.


Unlike the Final, when you hit Circle to skip text, it skips a whole line. You would have to hit Circle 4 times to go through this whole text box fast.

Right when you reach this point, you start hearing the regular battle music. It too sounds a little different. There is one important thing missing, the victory theme is missing! Instead the battle music keeps playing as you win the fight.

Cloud has Braver and Cross Slash from the start.


Top Left: I don't wanna!

Top Right: Wasn't there an item here?

Bottom Left: That's right, no save point.

Bottom Right: Wasn't this a different boss?


Barret's "Heavy Shot" and Aeris' Healing Wind. Note that it's "Big Shot" in the Final.


3 minutes? Wasn't it 10 minutes? And having no timer in the corner makes things a bit hectic for you.

Jesse is off to the side now and Biggs wasn't on the floor in the Final. You need to save them before you can exit the place.


Everyone runs out, Mako Reactor explodes (excuse me, Mokoro Plant) and you get...

(Mission Complete)

(Final Fantasy 7 coming in December)

Other notable changes:

MP costs for certain spells are different.
Damage and Heal text use different fonts
Various Sound and Music changes
Items give higher amounts of HP/MP
No running
Cloud can rotate directions with R1 and L1
You cannot access the Menu
Various script changes
Holding Circle does not let you select menus quickly
Various Monster Placements (some monsters appeared or didn't appear in Mako Reactor)

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