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We most likely won't be presenting our own review of Final Fantasy games for a number of reasons. We tend to think that the more interesting reads don't come from biased sources (since "we" just happen to be writing content for a Final Fantasy site, that bias is bound to exist). Instead, we'd like to offer you some reviews that we found interesting. Hope you find them as interesting as we did.

While we most likely won't be offering "reviews" we do offer quite a bit of commentary on the stories, gameplay, history of the games, and music. Feel free to check out The Scholar (especially for story commentary), ShrineAMP (for music reviews) or the forums (for feedback on just about anything you can imagine).

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The Playstation original was created in Japan, and hence the game also registers high on the wierd-o-meter and contains such japanimation clichés as small children with no noses and huge eyes, really strange monsters (at one point you get to fight a giant mutant house), cackling baddies, not to mention one girl whose attributes would put Lara Croft to shame.


 Not Available
Game Revolution


There are too many ideas all randomly smashed together. One minute you are in a dark, cyberpunk world, the next you are riding on a giant chicken.




The game is huge, with plenty of non-essential activities to tickle your fancy.


 4.5 of 5
Absolute Playstation 


It's the new high water mark that all other games in this category will be compared




As with most story-based games, the middle section drags, but picks up toward the end, turning even more narrative-heavy down the homestretch. The game isn't particularly difficult, and it's a mostly linear journey, with a few sections that can be skipped outright.


 4 of 5


Squaresoft has a reputation for having very involved plots, and to say that Final Fantasy VII's plot is merely "involved" is a poor understatement. From the opening scene until the last moment of stars, the game draws the player in.


 10 of 10


All in all it sounds like the perfect ingredients for an awful Hollywood blockbuster. However it runs amazingly and it’s the story that keeps you going rather than the game play.


 9 of 10


Although there's no doubt that this game is perfect in almost every way technically, it just doesn't have the depth of most good RPGs (in fact, most of our office was able to finish the game within 30 hours).


 8 of 10


Yet for all its top-notch graphics and sound, truly the best aspect of Final Fantasy VII is the plot that these peerless aesthetics help weave...


 9.5 of 10
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