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Non-Playable Characters

Age: 30
Birthday: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Height: 6'1"
Weapon Type: Masamune Blade

Sephiroth was the main evil guy in Final Fantasy VII. He had certain respect for Cloud but considered him unequal in power. The former head of Shinra's 1st class Soldier army turned evil after realizing that he might be a monster created by Hojo.

Age: 21
Birthday: Unknown
Birthplace: Midgar
Height: 5'11"
Weapon Type: Shotgun

Rufus was a cool, calm guy. The Vice President turned President of Shinra. He had a lot of power, and wished to rule the world with fear. He wanted to find the Promised Land and kill Cloud along the way. His pet Dark Nation, made a slight appearance but had no real story. Rufus wore a cool white trench coat, which held his shotgun.

President Shinra

First name not actually known. Father to Rufus, this old, fat and greedy man prefered ruling the world with money. He did pretty awful things in his time on Final Fantasy VII but nothing is known about his history.


Reeve was Shinra's Head of Urban Development. He was in charge of keeping the people in Midgar happy. He despised Rufus and President Shinra for what they did as Presidents. He suggested he would make a better President. He was also in charge of Cait Sith, whom he created.


Gwahahahaha. The annoying laughs from Shinra's overweight Head of the Peacekeeping Division. His job was to prevent wars with other cities (although there is no other army in the world). Rufus hated his laugh and I quote "Will you stop that stupid horse laugh!" from him. Heidigger plans to rule Midgar all by himself. He was a big guy, but inside, he was weak.


The only woman executive of Shinra. She was in charge of Shinra weapons hence her title Head of Weaponry. She kind of had a "thing" for Tseng going on which she likes to keep secret. She was responsible for the creation and naming of the Sister Ray.


The Head of the Space Division for Shinra is an old, fat man who only cared about money. He became fat after the failed rocket mission which then Shinra decided to abandon the space program because Mako energy was more efficient, which in turn left Palmer with nothing to do.


Shinra's Head of Research and Development and also it's top scientist, Hojo loved researching ancient and weird things. He captured Red XIII and wished to capture Aeris for that reason. His pride and joy was his Jenova project.


The leader of the Turks was a calm guy whose job was to control the Turks and calm them down at times. He was one of the only people who knew Aeris for a long time and he liked her. He also had a job to do and always put that first.


A Turk member. He had a cool attitude to match his cool attitude. He got angry easily. He used an electrical rod as his weapon. He was usually around his partner and they do some cool things in Final Fantasy VII but were always out to get Cloud and the group


Reno's partner was a calmer Turk. He was completely bald and he didn't say much, except when talking to Reno, but he was still cool. He used his fists to fight and his fight stance looked like a boxer. He sometimes had to calm Reno down.


The newest Turk was a female one. She was erratic, as Reno put it, and she had a lot to learn about being a Turk but she was still strong. She really had minimal story input to the game and was usually more a liability than an asset.


Red XIII's grandfather was a spiritual human. He specialized in knowing about the world, the planet, and materia. Cloud and the group visited him for advice and he helped them a lot. He constantly floated for some reason, and his most prized possession was his machine that showed the group the planets and stars.


A worker on the Shinra No.26. Shera ruined Cid's space career by stopping his Rocket from taking off. She felt bad so she let him live with her. She takes all of Cid's swearing with good spirits because she owes it to him. She's very calm and follows Cid's orders without question.


Aeris' adoptive mother. She resided in Midgar but moved to Kalm later on. She was nice and caring, but she worried about Aeris and didn't want anyone bringing her into danger.


Barret's daughter was a shy, young girl. She was Barret's main concern, above saving the planet. She noticed things before anyone else even recognized them. Not much is known about her but she was special in some way.


The 1st class Soldier who befriended Cloud looked almost like Cloud, except with black hair. While a soldier, he met Aeris and they grew close, but he never returned to Midgar. His parents in Gongaga hadn't heard from him in 10 years. He wielded the Buster Sword before Cloud took it.

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