Command Materia

Materia Name. Commands Available. Location Found. Price For Master. Status Effects. Game's Description.
Steal Steal
Mug - 40000 AP
Master - 50000 AP
Midgar Sewers. 84,000 gil Dexterity +02 Equips "Steal" command
Morph Morph
Master - 100000 AP
Temple of the Ancients. 1 gil None. Equips "Morph" command
Enemy Skill See Enemy Skill Page. 1.) Specimen Cage after battle with HO512 in Shinra Headquarters.
2.) Junon - Beginner's Hall Intermediate.
3.) City of the Ancients - rest room.
4.) Chocobo Sage's house- talk to the chocobo.
1 gil None. Equips "Enemy Skill" command
W-Item W-Item
Master - 250000 AP
Underneath Midgar, Disk 2. (Circle back after battle with the Turks until you can go no further. W-Item materia is in the last room.) 1 gil None. Use two items at once.
W-Summon W-Summon
Master - 250000 AP
Collect 64000 Battle Points in the Battle Square of the Gold Saucer, Disk 2 or 3. 1 gil None. Cast two Summon spells at once
Mime Mime
Master - 100000 AP
Cave South Of Wutai. (Requires at least a Green Chocobo.) 1 gil None. Equips "Mime" command
Manipulate Manipulate
Master - 40000 AP
Cait Sith enters party with materia equipped. 700,000 gil None. Equips "Manipulate" command
Deathblow Deathblow
Master - 40000 AP
Road near Gongaga Reactor. 700,000 gil Luck +01 Equips "Deathblow" command
Throw Throw
Coin - 45000 AP
Master - 60000 AP
Yuffie enters party with materia equipped. 700,000 gil Vitality +01 Equips "Throw" command
Sense Sense
Master - 40000 AP
After the destruction of Sector 7 and after Cloud seems to hear Sephiroth's voice for a minute, head back into the destroyed playground area and it should be right there near the entrance. 70,000 gil None. Equips "Sense" command
W-Magic W-Magic
Master - 250000 AP
Final Dungeon. 1 gil None. Cast two Magic spells at once
Slash-All Slash-All
Flash - 130000 AP
Master - 150000 AP
Ancient Forest (after defeating Shadow Beast.) 1 gil None. Attacks all opponents
Double Cut 2-x Cut
4-x Cut - 100000 AP
Master - 150000 AP
Sunken Gelnika Airship. Price for Master: Dexterity +02 Attacks constantly