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Written by: Kie

Limit Breaks: Limit Breaks are the super powered attacks that the characters are able to use after they have been attacked enough times by enemies (doesn’t work if you attack yourself or other party members). They replace the Attack command in battle and can be saved for as long as you want as long as you do not use the Limit, otherwise it will revert back to Attack and your limit bar will return to empty.

Limit Bars are the bars with the word Limit above it. Each character in a battle has one and they go up every time you are attacked. The amount it goes up each attack depends on 2 things. One thing is the severity of the attack, for example, an attack that does 1000 damage will move your limit bar further to full than an attack on you that does 100. The second thing that it depends on is your status. If you’re in the status ailment of Fury, then your limit bar will go up twice as fast. If you’re in the status ailment of Sadness then the limit bar will go up twice as slow. If you are KO’d (status ailment of Fainted), then your limit bar goes back to empty and obviously since you cannot be attacked while fainted, it won’t go up. Once a limit bar gets full, you are able to use the limit or limits of the level currently selected.

Limit Levels are the different stages of limit breaks for characters. The higher the level gets, the more effective the limits get. With the exception of Cait Sith and Vincent, each character has 2 limits for each of the first 3 limit levels. The fourth level has a single, ultimate limit break. Cait Sith has one limit break for Level 1 and one for Level 2, that is all for it. Vincent has one limit per level. The first limit for each level is gained immediately after the limit level is reached, but the second limit is gained by using the first limit of the level a certain number of times (it varies from character to character). Levels 2 and 3 are reached by defeating a certain number of enemies with the character (usually 80, except for Vincent). The fourth limit is actually an item you find around the game and you can use it only on the character it’s meant for and only after the character has obtained every other limit break.

The following information is based on my own counting and experience. All the figures didn’t occur every time I played it, but they were the majority numbers

Complete Character Limit Breaks List

Level 1:
Braver- Automatically activated. This involves Cloud jumping up into the air and vertically slashing a single enemy. Looks like Cloud’s Deathblow attack.
Cross Slash- Activated by using Braver 8 times. This attack does 3 slashes to a single enemy.

Level 2:
Blade Beam- Activated after killing 80 enemies with Cloud. This involves Cloud slamming his blade to the ground sending a shockwave to the main target enemy. The main blast ricochets off sending miniature shockwaves at the other enemies doing slightly less damage.
Climhazzard- Activated by using Blade Beam 7 times. Cloud slices into a single enemy, then jumps upwards with his sword still in the enemy.

Level 3:
Meteorain- Activated after killing another 80 enemies with Cloud. Cloud spins his blade around then jumps up into the air and creating meteors with his blade which attack all enemies.
Finishing Touch- Activated after using Meteorain 6 times. This involves Cloud creating a tornado with his blade which blows all enemies away. Doesn’t work on bosses of course.

Level 4:
Omnislash- Found in Battle Arena. Get either 64,000 Battle Points on Disk 1 or 32,000 Battle Points on disks 2 and 3 and buy it there. Cloud slashes at random enemies 15 times in total for massive damage.

Level 1:
Big Shot- Automatically activated. Barret powers up a big blast and fires it at a single enemy.
Mind Break- Activated after using Big Shot 9 times. Barret powers up a blast that…takes away enemy’s Magic Points. Don’t ask me how, he just does.

Level 2:
Grenade Bomb- Activated after killing 80 enemies with Barret. Barret launches a Grenade into the enemy’s area. It explodes and hits all enemies.
Hammer Blow- Activated after using Grenade Bomb 7 times. If the attack actually hits, it kills the enemy in one hit. Definitely doesn’t work on bosses.

Level 3:
Satellite Beam- Activated after killing another 80 enemies with Barret. This involves Barret crossing lasers across the ground and hitting all enemies.
Anger Max- Activated after using Satellite Beam 6 times. Barret does 18 shots to random enemies.

Level 4:
Catastrophe- Found in North Corel in the hut with this lady wearing a hat. If you saved the train from North Corel on Disk 2, she will give it to you. Barret does 20 strong blasts of energy to random enemies.

*Note: Tifa’s limits are all connected to each other so once you obtain and use her Level 4 limit, it’s best to keep it on there, so you can use all of her limits. When she does her limit, a slot machine-like thing appears at the bottom of the screen and you either get it on Miss, which makes the limit break miss, Hit! Which makes it do average damage, and Yeah!!! Which makes it do lots more damage. Her limits, while attacking, don’t always hit the same enemy all the way through. Oh and if you’re trying to use a limit a certain number of times to get the second limit of the level, the attack has to either Hit! Or Yeah!!! If it misses, it doesn’t count as it being used

Level 1:
Beat Rush- Automatically activated. Tifa rushes at an enemy and punches them a few times.
Somersault- Activated using Beat Rush 9 times. After Beat Rush, Tifa then somersaults into the air, kicking the enemy.

Level 2:
Waterkick- Activated after killing 80 enemies with Tifa. After Somersault, Tifa kicks the middle of the enemy and water comes up out of nowhere.
Meteodrive- Activated after using Waterkick 7 times. After Waterkick, she picks up the enemy and slams them to the ground, wrestling style.

Level 3:
Dolphin Blow- Activated after defeating another 80 enemies with Tifa. For her 5th move, she uppercuts the enemy and a…dolphin, yes a dolphin appears. Odd but ok.
Meteor Strike- Activated after using Dolphin Blow 6 times. While you’re distracted by the weird dolphin, another slot comes up for Meteor Strike, in which Tifa picks up the enemy and throws them to the ground. Same animation as Meteodrive except Tifa doesn’t come down with the enemy :P.

Level 4:
Final Heaven- Found in Tifa’s house in Nibelheim on second and third disk. You play the piano correctly and you get it with a note which I won’t spoil for you. The piano code is X, S, T, R1+T, R1+S, X, S, T, R1+X, O, X, S, X. For PC users, incorporate the PSX controls into that. Tifa’s final attack involves her creating a giant energy blast and firing it at all enemies.

Level 1:
Healing Wind- Automatically activated. This cures the entire party for half their full Hit Points.
Seal Evil- Activated after using Healing Wind 8 times. Aeris casts a spell that basically stops weak enemies from moving and casting magic. Sort of a stop and silence cast.

Level 2:
Breath of the Earth- Activated after killing 80 enemies with Aeris (I know I know. Funny). Aeris cures all status ailments.
Fury Brand- Activated after using Breath of the Earth 7 times. This one is useful, because Aeris fills the other two party members’ limit bars to the top.

Level 3:
Planet Protector- Activated after killing another 80 enemies with Aeris (ha ha ha ha ha). This limit makes all party members temporarily invincible.
Pulse of Life- Activated after using Planet Protector 6 times. This restores all party members’ Hit Points and Magic Points and also fully restores Hit Points and Magic Points to fainted members.

Level 4:
Great Gospel- Oh boy. Ok, you HAVE to do this on disk one. If you’re not past disk one, don’t ask why you have to do it on disk one :P. Once you have the Buggy, go back to Costa Del Sol while in the Buggy and take the ship back to the first continent. Go east from Junon and follow the river until you reach a place where you can cross it. Go north and you’ll see a cave. Go inside and check how many times you’ve fought. If the number of times you’ve fought has the last two digits the same (like 388 or 511) then the guy there will give you an item. If you go in with say, 244 and you get a Bolt Ring, go outside, fight exactly 11 times and go back in. He should give you Mithril. If he gives you Mithril first time, lucky you. Oh and sometimes he just says how many times you’ve escaped or whatever, so go outside, battle once and go back in. After getting the Mithril, go through the game and get the Tiny Bronco. Once you have that, go to the right of Gold Saucer and you’ll see a hut. Go in the hut and give the guy there the Mithril. Then go to the second floor and open the safe-like thing there to get Great Gospel. This makes all party members invincible for the battle and restores all their Hit Points and Magic Points.

Level 1:
Sled Fang- Automatically activated. Red XIII dashes at and attacks a single enemy.
Lunatic High- Activated after using Sled Fang 9 times. Red XIII casts Haste on the whole party.

Level 2:
Blood Fang- Activated after defeating 80 enemies with Red XIII. Red XIII dashes at a single enemy and his Hit Points and Magic Points are regained according to the opponent’s Magic Points.
Stardust Ray- Activated after using Blood Fang 8 times. This involves Red XIII sending 10 star-shaped things at all enemies.

Level 3:
Earth Rave- Activated after defeating another 80 enemies with Red XIII. In this limit, Red XIII casts Haste, Berserk and some sort of power increase on himself and randomly attacks enemies.
Howling Moon- Howling Moon – Activated after using Earth Rave 6 times. Red XIII…howls at the moon (yes, like the name) and then hits up to 5 enemies at once.

Level 4:
Cosmo Memory- Located in the ShinRa Mansion. Go to the safe at the top left part of the second floor. Press the ok button on it and you will now have 20 seconds to open the safe. Go right to 36 and press the ok button on it, then go left to 10, press ok, then right to 59, press ok and finally, right to 97. After that the safe will unlock and you’ll fight the boss Lost Number. If you’re at a low level it will be difficult, as the guy has 8000 HP and can attack with some high damage. After beating it, you get Cosmo Memory. This limit involves Red XIII attacking all enemies once for very high damage.

Level 1:
Dice- Automatically activated. 1 to 6 dice are thrown on the field. (number of dice thrown depends on level) The damage done is the sum of the dice numbers multiplied by 100.

Level 2:
Slots- Activated after using Dice 8 times. A slot appears on the screen. There are six things that can happen.
1. Joker- You don’t want this. This attack destroys your entire party. I don’t know why there’s an attack that does that, but it’s there.
2. Random Summon- This basically summons a random summon you currently have with you. It doesn’t use up the summon’s number of times it can be in a fight either.
3. Lucky Gal- Though it doesn’t really say it, it gives you more chance to get a critical hit during the battle.
4. All Over- Completely destroys the enemies (not bosses)
5. Huge Mog- Cait Sith’s stuffed mog that he rides on grows large and smashes the enemy.
6. Mog Dance- Mog Dance: Fully restores Hit Points and Magic Points to all party members.

Level 1:
Boost Jump- Automatically activated. Cid just jumps into the air and slashes downwards with his spear.
Dynamite- Activated after using Boost Jump 9 times. This one is cool. Cid uses his cig to light a stick of dynamite which he hurls into the enemies hitting all of them.

Level 2:
Hyper Jump- Activated after decimating 80 enemies with Cid. This is like Boost Jump, except when Cid lands, an explosion occurs for some strange reason and it hits all enemies.
Dragon- Activated after using Hyper Jump 8 times. Cid sends a dragon at the enemy absorbing some of their Hit Points and Magic Points.

Level 3:
Dragon Dive- Activated after defeating another 80 enemies with Cid. In this limit, Cid does 6 super powered Boost Jumps.
Big Brawl- Activated after using Dragon Dive 7 times. Cid slashes random enemies with his spear for 8 times.

Level 4:
Highwind- Found in the crashed Gelnika plane underwater in the lab room to the far left of the plane. (near the broken helicopter) Cid summons the Highwind to drop a total of 18 bombs on all enemies.

Level 1:
Greased Lightning- Automatically activated. Yuffie dashes at a single enemy and slashes hard with her weapon.
Clear Tranquil- Activated after using Greased Lightning 8 times. All other party members’ Hit Points are restored.

Level 2:
Landscaper- Activated after defeated 80 enemies with Yuffie. Yuffie damages all enemies by creating a sort of Earthquake under them.
Bloodfest- Activated after using Landscaper 7 times. Yuffie attacks all enemies for a total of 10 times.

Level 3:
Gauntlet- Activated after killing another 80 enemies with Yuffie. In this limit, Yuffie launches a large bomb at all enemies.
Doom of the Living- Activated after using Gauntlet 6 times. Yuffie attacks 15 times to random enemies.

Level 4:
All Creation- Acquired after beating Godo in the Wutai Pagoda and finishing the Yuffie side-quest. Yuffie unleashes a powerful beam of energy on all enemies.

*Note: Vincent’s limits involve him transforming in savage beasts with a HP increase too. When you use one of Vincent’s limits, he will retain his beast form for the duration of the battle, even if he faints and is revived. Take it into consideration.

Level 1:
Galian Beast- Automatically activated. Vincent morphs into a beast-like creature. He has two attacks which you cannot control.
1. Berserk Dance- Vincent hits a single enemy with a few slashes.
2. Beast Flare- He Jumps up and fires some bomb-like things at all enemies.

Level 2:
Death Gigas- Activated after killing 60 enemies with Vincent. Vincent morphs into a sort of Frankenstein thing. Has two attacks that you cannot control.
1. Giga Dunk- Kinda like Beserk Dance but it does more damage.
2. Livewire- Uses a form of fire damage on all opponents.

Level 3:
Hellmasker- Activated after destroying another 60 enemies with Vincent. Vincent morphs into a weird looking monster with a chainsaw and hockey mask which also has an attack that, yes, you cannot control.
1. He attacks enemies 5 times and puts status ailments on them too.

Level 4:
Chaos- You can get this on Disk 3 only. Get Vincent in your party and go to the Waterfall ring on the second continent with either a chocobo or Submarine. Go inside the waterfall. You’ll see Lucrecia and a whole little storyline will be shown. You then leave the waterfall. (that part can be done on Disk 2 but it’s quicker on Disk 3) Go back into the waterfall straight away and walk up to the alter. Vincent will say something and you’ll receive his final limit and final weapon. Chaos turns Vincent into a winged being which looks pretty cool. It attacks with two attacks, which, of course, you can’t control :P.
1. Chaos Saber- A powerful fire blast to all enemies.
2. Satan Impact- Looks different but still does fire damage to all enemies.

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