Final Fantasy Music


Item List

Item Name Usage
1/35 Soldier No usage?
8-Inch Cannon Inflicts powerful damage against enemy
Antartic Wind Casts Ice2 on all enemies
Antidote Cures Poison Status
Bird Wing Casts Aero2 on all enemies
Bolt Plume Casts Bolt2 on all enemies
Carob Nut Used for Chocobo Breeding
Cornucopia Cures Mini Status
Curiel Greens Used feed Chocobo Feed/Capture
Dazers Casts Paralysis on one enemy
Deadly Waste Casts Bio2 on all enemies
Dragon Fang Inflicts lighting damage against all enemies
Dragon Scales Casts Water on all enemies
Dream Powder Casts Sleep on all enemies
Earth Drum Casts Quake2 on all enemies
Echo Screen Cures Silence Status
Elixir Completely restores HP and MP
Ether Restores 100 MP
Eye Drop Cures Darkness Status
Fire Fang Casts Fire2 on all enemies
Fire Veil Casts Fire3 on all enemies
Ghost Hand Drains MP from one enemy
Graviball Casts Demi on one enemy
Grenade Inflicts minor damage to one enemy
Guard Source Adds +1 to Vitality Stat
Hero Drink Raises as random stat by +20 for one battle
Hi-Potion Restores 500 HP
Holy Touch Casts DeSpell on one ally
Hyper Cures Sadness Status
Ice Crystal Casts Ice3 on all enemies
Impaler Gives Frog Status to one enemy
Ink Gives Darkness Status to all enemies
Krakka Greens Used for Chocobo Feed/Capture
Lasan Nut Used for Chocobo Breeding
Light Barrier Casts Barrier on all allies
Loco Weed Gives Confusion Status to all enemies
Luchile Nut Used for Chocobo Breeding
Luck Source Adds +1 to Luck Stat
Magic Source Adds +1 to Magic Stat
Maiden's Kiss Cures Frog Status
Megalixir Completely restores HP and MP to all allies
Mimett Greeds Used for Chocobo Feed/Capture
Mind Source Adds +1 to Spirit Stat
Moltov Casts Fire? on all enemies
M-Tentacles Casts Bio3 on all enemies
Mute Mask Gives Silence Status to all enemies
Pahsana Greens Used for Chocobo Feed/Capture
Pepio Nut Used for Chocobo Breeding
Pheonix Down Restores a KO'ed ally
Porov Nut Used for Chocobo Breeding
Potion Restores 100 HP
Power Source Adds +1 to Strenght Stat
Pram Nut Used for Chocobo Breeding
Reagan Greens Used for Chocobo Feed/Capture
Remedy Cures all Abnormal Statuses
Saraha Nut Used for Chocobo Breeding
Save Crystal Create a save spot anywhere in Last Crater Section
Shrapnel Inflicts minor damaged against all enemies
Shrivel Gives Mini Status to one enemy
S-Mine Inflicts powerful damage to one enemy
Smoke Bomb Increases success rate of escaping from battle
Soft Cures Stone Status
Speed Drink Gives Haste Status to one ally
Speed Source Adds +1 to Speed Status
Spider Web Gives Slow Status to all enemies
Star Dust Casts Comet2 on all enemies
Super Sweeper No Usage?
Swift Bolt Casts Bolt3 on all enemies
Sylkis Greens For Chocobo Feed/Capture
Tent Restores all HP and MP for all allies, can only be used on Save Points
Tissue No Usage?
Tranquilizer Cures Berserk Status
T/S Bomb Casts Demi2 against one enemy
Turbo Ether Restores all MP for one ally
Vaccine Prevents transformation
Vampire Fang Drains HP from one enemy
War Gong Gives Berserk Status to all enemies
X-Potion Restores all HP
Zeio Nut Used for Chocobo Breeding

Key Item List

Item Name Usage
Ancient Key Used to get the White Materia
Basement Key Used to get into the Nibelheim Basement
Black Materia Used to cast Meteo (Meteor)
Glacier Map Used to navigate through Great Glacier
Huge Materia(s) Used to get Bahamut ZERO
Keycard 60, 62, 65, 66, 68 Used in the Shinra Tower for their respective floors
Keystone Used in the Temple of Ancients
Leviathan Scales Used in Da Chao (Wutai)
Midgar Parts Used in the puzzle in Shinra Tower
Mythril Used in the Sleeping Man's cave
PHS Used to change members at save points
Snowboard Used to play Snowboard Minigame at Great Glacier
White Materia Used to cast Holy
Blonde Wig
Cotton Dress
Diamond Tiara
Dyed Wig
Flower Colonge
Glass Tiara
Members Card
Pharmacy Coupons
Ruby Tiara
Satin Dress
Sexy Colonge
Silk Dress
All used at Wall Market in Midgar

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