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Written by: Agent0042

After looking around online and discovering that the Final Fantasy VII enemy skills lists floating around online are either incomplete or inaccurate, I've decided to make this list myself. This list is the ultimate Final Fantasy VII Enemy Skill manifesto, detailing every Enemy Skill available, exactly what enemies use these skills and how to get them to use them, where to find these enemies, exactly what the skills do and where to find these Materia.

Those that have played past Final Fantasy games may already be familiar with Enemy Skills, usually known in those past games as "Blue Magic." Some of Final Fantasy VII's enemy skills are very similar to the skills that could be learned by the Blue Mage Job in Final Fantasy V. In Final Fantasy VI (FFIII US), only STRAGO could learn blue magic skills and then use them for his special attack "Lore."

In Final Fantasy VII, to learn Enemy Skill magic, you must first get the proper materia, as with any magic. That materia is conveniently called "Enemy Skill." There are a total of four Enemy Skill materia available to be found throughout the game. The first one is almost a can't miss. Defeat the HO-512 boss in the Shinra Headquarters on Disc 1 and then after defeating him an Enemy Skill materia will appear in the specimen container where Hojo was holding Aeris and Red XIII. Note that although this is pretty much a can't-miss, if you don't pick it up now, you don't have another chance to obtain it until after returning to the Shinra Headquarters in Disc 2. The second Enemy Skill materia isn't quite as obvious. It's found in Upper Junon and be obtained any time after Cloud finishes drilling for sending Rufus off at the Dock. Simply exit the area where Cloud was and explore the entrances in the area. In the first floor of one of them, you'll find someone dressed as a Shinra soldier guarding a door to a lower level. Talk to him to go down to this area (Beginner's Hall- Intermediate) and here you'll find the second Enemy Skill materia. The third Enemy Skill materia is available in the City of the Ancients. While in this town, you'll eventually come to a room where you have to decide to get some rest. Rest, and when you wake up, go past your bed to find a shining third Enemy Skill materia. The fourth and final Enemy Skill materia (which is a bit useless, since you only need one for each character in your party) is found in the house of the Chocobo Sage and is available as soon as you get the Highwind. Simply land the Highwind by the house of the Chocobo Sage (Northern Continent, a bit North of the excavators' village) and go in. Talk to the green (mountain) chocobo on the left and he'll spit out the fourth and final Enemy Skill materia. Pick it up.

So once you have the Enemy Skill materia, what are you to do with it? Well, first you have to equip it. If you don't understand how to equip materia, then Final Fantasy Gods help you. Once you have it equipped, you need to find an enemy that uses an Enemy Skill. (See the list below) Either wait for them to cast it, or, if possible, use Manipulate to force the enemy to cast it. If the characters hit by the skill do not already have that skill, then they will be spin around in a circle and a message will be displayed: Learned Enemy Skill "(fill in here)" From then forward, any character that has learned that skill can use it by simply selecting E. Skill from their command menu and choosing the appropriate skill. If a character has not learned that skill, then you must learn it for them, or they will have to swap materia in order to use it.

You can examine the Enemy Skills currently that you currently have from the Menu when you're not in battle. There are two ways to do this, either go to the menu and select Magic, or select Materia. To examine the skills available to you from "Magic," access it and then scroll down your options to "Enemy-Skill." You will get a complete list of every Skill available to you, along with the game's description of them and the amount of MP needed to cast them. The other method is to select Materia. Then, find any Enemy Skill materia you have (either equipped or unequipped) and a scrolling menu will appear showing the skills you have available. A star will also be lit up for each Skill. (Each skill has its own star.)

There are some special things to note about the Enemy Skill materia and learning Enemy Skills. If a character has more than one Enemy Skill materia equipped and has not learned a particular Enemy Skill for any of those materia, having that Skill cast on that character will result in that character learning the skill for all of those Materia. If the character has more than one Enemy Skill materia equipped and they have already learned the Skill on at least one of those materia, they will not learn the Skill for any of the other materia if it is cast on them. To learn it, they must first deequip any materia for which it has already been learned. If you learn a skill, but then escape from a battle, it will be as if you had never learned that skill. You must win the battle to learn the skill. If you miss out on a skill, it is still possible to learn it later in the game, with only two exceptions. There are only three enemies which cast Trine. See below for details. Pandora's Box is only cast once per any particular game, again, see below for details. Enemy Skills cannot be learned in the Battle Arena, despite what any other sources may tell you. Enemies in the battle arena can cast these Skills, but your character will never learn them.

The enemy skill list below is arranged somewhat differently from most lists you'll see. Rather than putting the skills in alphabetical order, or by what "star" number they are, I've arranged them from the earliest that you can learn them in the game, to the latest. Please remember, though, that with only a couple exceptions, these Skills can still be learned even at the very end of the game.


* = Enemy can be manipulated to learn the skill, but it is not required.
** = Enemy must be manipulated to learn the skill.
*** = Enemy cannot be manipulated, or can be manipulated, but doesn't have skill on its list.

Boss monsters have "Boss" by them in parenthesis.

Ratings Guide:

5 Stars = A very useful Enemy Skill. You must learn this.
4 Stars = Quite useful as an Enemy Skill. I highly recommend this one.
3 Stars = Somewhat useful. You might be able to get by without this one.
2 Stars = I really don't see much use for this one.
1 Star = Pretty useless, you can skip this if you want.

Complete Enemy Skill List

Matra Magic
Star #11
MP Cost: 8
Learn From: Custom Sweeper*, Bullmotor*, Death Machine*
Location: Midgar Area, Corel Prison, Junon Path
Game's Description: Non-elemental damage to all opponents
Agent0042's Rating: 3 Stars

Agent0042's Special Notes: This skill is learned from the Custom Sweeper enemies in the brown area surrounding Midgar. These enemies look very similar to the Sweepers encountered in the attack on the Number 1 reactor. They cast this skill fairly often and you can also manipulate them. It causes about 300-600 damage to all opponents. Useful early in the game and perhaps as a weak attack for morphing, but that's about it. Note that although it affects all opponents, Super Sweepers are often encountered in a Side Attack battle configuration, so make sure to cast it on the proper side to learn it for the appropriate materia. You can also learn this skill from the Bullmotor opponents in the Corel Prison (area leading to Dyne) or the Death Machines in the Junon Path leading up to the Underwater Reactor. Both of these enemies can be manipulated as well.

L4 Suicide
Star #2
MP Cost: 10
Learn From: Mu***, Trickplay***
Location: Grasslands Area, Forgotten City/Icicle Area
Game's Description: Cause [Critical/Small] with levels in multiples of 4
Agent0042's Rating: 2 Stars

Agent0042's Special Notes: This skill can be learned from either the Mu in the Grasslands Area near the Chocobo Ranch or from the Trickplay opponent that appears in the path connecting the Ancient City to the World Map and also on the grassy areas of the Icicle Area. Both of these opponents look like odd squirrel-creatures. Neither can be manipulated, so you'll have to wait until it casts this skill. It only affects characters that are at Level 4, but even if it misses, you'll still learn the skill. This is a reasonably useful skill that casts Mini and puts opponents in critical, but only those whose levels are a multiple of 4. I don't really use this one much, but you'll need to get it if you want to learn Chocobuckle.

Star #19
MP Cost: 3
Learn From: L16 Chocobo***, L36 Chocobo***
Location: Chocobo Ranch area (Chocobo Tracks), Mideel Area (Chocobo Tracks)
Game's Description: Non-elemental damage on any one opponent
Agent0042's Rating: 1 Star

Agent0042's Special Notes: To get this skill, you first need to acquire L4Suicide. After acquiring L4Suicide, equip Chocobo Lure materia and get into a battle with a chocobo on either the tracks near the Chocobo Ranch or in the Mideel Area. Feed the chocobo a Mimmett Green and then cast L4Suicide on it. If the chocobo's level is a multiple of 4, then it will cast Chocobobuckle as a counter on the character that used L4Suicide and then run away. In the Japanese version of the game, this skill did damage based on the number of times your party has escaped from battle, multiplied by the caster's EXP level. Unfortunately, in the US version of the game, it just hits a single enemy for damage based on the number of times your party has escaped from battle. Very weak and practically useless.

Flame Thrower
Star #9
MP Cost: 10
Learn From: Arkdragon*, Dragon***
Location: Mythril Mine, Mt. Nibel
Game's Description: Causes Fire damage to any single opponent
Agent0042's Rating: 3 Stars

Agent0042's Special Notes: Flame Thrower causes medium fire damage to a single opponent. You can learn it from two opponents, either the Arkdragon or the Dragon. Arkdragons are encountered rather early in the game, in the Mythril Mine. Manipulate one to learn the skill easily. If you miss it there and don't want to come back, you can learn it from the Dragon at Mt. Nibel. You'll have to wait for it to cast it, since you can't manipulate it.

Star #10
MP Cost: 16
Learn From: Death Claw*, Dark Dragon**
Location: Corel Prison, Northern Cave
Game's Description: Lessen one enemy's HP by half
Agent0042's Rating: 3 Stars

Agent0042's Special Notes: Laser works like Demi2, halving the HP of a single opponent, up to a maximum of 9999. It doesn't work on most bosses and some stronger enemies. You can learn it first in the Desert Prison in the area with all the junky vehicles leading up to Dyne. Manipulate a Death Claw to cast it or wait for it cast it. Unfortunately, you can only learn it for two Enemy Skill materias at this time. To learn it late in the game, manipulate a Dark Dragon in the Northern Cave. Be careful, if you cast it on the Dragon after learning it when the Dragon isn't manipulated, it may retaliate with Ultima.

Big Guard
Star #5
MP Cost: 56
Learn From: Beach Plug**
Location: Gongaga/Corel Area Shoreline
Game's Description: Adds [Barrier/MBarrier/Haste] to every ally
Agent0042's Rating: 5 Stars

Agent0042's Special Notes: Big Guard is quite possibly the best Enemy Skill in the game. Casting this skill gives all your characters Haste status and also puts up Barrier and MBarrier. With just one cast, you speed up every character and half the damage they take. Learn Big Guard by manipulating one of the Beach Plugs on the Gongaga/Corel Area shoreline.

Star #14
MP Cost: 34
Learn From: Harpy**, Jenova*LIFE*** (Boss), Serpent***
Location: Corel Prison/Corel Area Chocobo Tracks, Ancient Capital, Crashed Gelnika - Cargo Room
Game's Description: Water damage on all opponents
Agent0042's Rating: 4 Stars

Agent0042's Special Notes: Aqualung is a water based skill that causes damage to all opponents and is the only water based attack in the game other than Summon Leviathan. You can acquire Aqualung as early as the Corel Prison, although it will probably kill you without MBarrier, as it will do over 1,000 damage. The best way to get Aqualung early in the game is to first acquire Big Guard and then run around the chocobo tracks in the Corel Area until you run into a chocobo in tandem with a Harpy. Forget about the chocobo, but manipulate the Harpy after casting Big Guard and cast it on your own characters to learn it. If you don't get it from the Harpy, you can also learn it from Jenova*LIFE (you should have a Water Ring by then). Serpent, a monster in the Crashed Gelnika also uses it sometimes as a counterattack. Note that Serpent is also found in Battle Square, but you can't learn this skill from him there. Of course, the chocobo tracks with the Harpy are available for most of the game.

White Wind
Star #4
MP Cost: 34
Learn From: Zemzelett**, Wind Wing***
Location: Junon Area, Whirlwind Maze
Game's Description: Restores HP and status to every ally
Agent0042's Rating: 5 Stars

Agent0042's Special Notes: If Big Guard isn't the best Enemy Skill in the game, then White Wind definitely is. White Wind is a healing spell that heals all allies for the current HP of the caster (regardless of MBarrier) and also heals status ailments. So if Yuffie cast White Wind with 2000 as her current HP, all allies would be healed by 2000 HP. So you should always wait for the turn of the character that has the highest HP before casting it, barring MP concerns. Although you can encounter the Zemzelett in the Junon Area, you have to manipulate it in order to learn White Wind, so you have to wait until you get Cait Sith in order to learn this skill. Drive the Buggy into Costa Del Sol then hitch the Cargo Ship to Junon. Exit Junon (take the helitaxi directly out of there) and then run around until you encounter a Zemzelett. Make sure you have your Enemy Skill materia equipped and then manipulate the Zemzelett and cast White Wind. Also, be certain to return later in the game when you have more Enemy Skill materia to learn it then too. You can also learn this skill from the Wind Wing that you encounter if you get thrown back by Sephiroth's barrier, but since you can't manipulate it, you'll have to confuse it and it casts it only very rarely when it's confused. My advice: don't bother, just learn it from Zemzelett.

Star #13
MP Cost: 35
Learn From: Midgar Zolom***
Location: Grasslands Area Marsh
Game's Description: Fire damage on all opponents
Agent0042's Rating: 4 Stars

Agent0042's Special Notes: Beta is a skill you definitely want to get early in the game. This skill causes heavy fire damage to all opponents and is especially useful throughout late Disc 1 and much of Disc 2. There's only one opponent that uses Beta, the Midgar Zolom. Fortunately, no matter how many times you defeat the Midgar Zolom, it still lives, so you can fight it later in the game to learn the skill for your remaining Enemy Skill materia. Once you get the Buggy, hitch a ride on the Cargo Ship and travel all the back through the Mythril Mine. Make sure you have the Big Guard enemy skill. Run into the Marsh and wait for the Zolom to come for you. Just keep attacking him. He'll knock one of your characters out of battle. If he knocks out one that has an Enemy Skill materia equipped, reset and try again. Eventually, once you've done enough damage, the Midgar Zolom will cast Beta. Make sure your MBarrier is up and that you're at full health in order to survive it. Come back later in the game when you have the Highwind to learn it for the rest of your Enemy Skill materia. Yes, it is theoretically possible to learn Beta right after leaving Midgar, but to do that, you'd have to spend insane amounts of time leveling up.

Our very own The Wandering Knight informs me that if you use the right strategy, you can acquire Beta right away without having to spend an insane amount of time leveling up. He recommends the following strategy:

First, you need to link an Elemental materia with a Fire materia in the armor of the character that has the E. Skill materia. For this example, let's say it's Cloud. That character's HP should be at least 660.
Place Cloud in the back row.
Use Tranquilizer on all the characters in your battle party so they go into the battle with Sadness status. This will lessen the damage taken.
Now you're ready for the battle, so go ahead and engag with the Midgar Zolom. Make sure that Cloud stays on the defensive and his HP is always full. Heal as necessary. Attack with the two other characters and try to cast Bio until the Midgar Zolom acquires Poison status.
Once you've knocked off more than half of Midgar Zolom's HP, it will stand up and start swaying. At that time, it will knock one of your characters out of the battle. (It knocks the character that causes the most damage, so just make sure to keep Cloud on the defensive.)
Now that you have one character gone, just keep at Midgar Zolom, healing as necessary. After it's HP gets to 1000 it will use the Beta enemy skill. Cloud should be the only character standing. Have him immediately cast Beta back at the Midgar Zolom and it should fall. Congratulations, Beta is now yours.

Thanks to The Wandering Knight for those excellent tips. Even if you're not trying to acquire Beta that early on, the information about what character he chooses to knock out and when he casts Beta should come in handy.

Frog Song
Star #1
MP Cost: 5
Learn From: Touch Me*, Toxic Frog*, Christopher***
Location: Gongaga Area Forests, Temple of the Ancients, Northern Cave
Game's Description: Causes [Sleepel/Frog] on one opponent
Agent0042's Rating: 1 Star

Agent0042's Special Notes: Frog Song seems to be a relatively useless Enemy Skill. It causes Frog and Sleepel on a single opponent. Unfortunately, this doesn't work on most bosses or stronger enemies and most opponents can be taken down easily with just normal attacks. You can learn it from the Touch Me frogs in the Gongaga forests, or the Toxic Frogs that you fight when opening certain treasure chests in the Temple of the Ancients. One other way to learn it is from Christopher (he's on the same path as the Magic Pots) in the Northern Cave.

Death Sentence
Star #21
MP Cost: 10
Learn From: Sneaky Step***, Gi Specter***, Bound Fat**
Location: Cave of the Gi, Cave of the Gi, Corel Valley
Game's Description: Pronounces death sentence on any one opponent
Agent0042's Rating: 1 Star

Agent0042's Special Notes: Death Sentence seems to me to be rather pointless Enemy Skill. You can first learn this skill from the Sneaky Steps or the Gi Specters found in the Cave of the Gi. You can then cast it on any single opponent to put them in a 60 second countdown to death. This, however, is fairly pointless, since you can easily beat most opponents by that time and it doesn't even work on most stronger opponents later in the game or bosses. To learn it later in the game, manipulate a Bound Fat at the Corel Valley.

Star #17
MP Cost: 3
Learn From: Jersey***, Behemoth***
Location: Shinra Mansion, Sector 8 (Disc 2)
Game's Description: Does damage equal to user's MaxHP/HP
Agent0042's Rating: 2 Stars

Agent0042's Special Notes: ???? is a skill that causes damage to a singe opponent calculated the opposite the way the healing for White Wind is. For example, if a character has 1000 current HP and their Max HP is 1500, ???? causes 500 damage. You can learn ???? from the Jerseys in the Shinra mansion, although they have a low encounter rate (about 1/12). You can return there later in the game, but if you need another way to learn it, fight the Behemoth when you return to Midgar in late Disc 2.

Star #15
MP Cost: 20
Learn From: Materia Keeper*** (Boss), Godo*** (Boss), Stilva*
Location: Mt. Nibel, Wutai Pagoda, Inside Gaea's Cliff
Game's Description: Lightning damage on all opponents
Agent0042's Rating: 3 Stars

Agent0042's Special Notes: Trine is a skill most players learn earlier in the game than either Beta or Aqualung. Trine causes around 1000 HP of lightning damage to all opponents. The first opponent that casts Trine is the Materia Keeper, the boss guarding the path leading out of Mt. Nibel. You'll have to wait for the Materia Keeper to cast Trine, since he can't be manipulated. Make sure to have MBarrier up, or you may not survive the attack. You have to fight this boss, so a lot of players just learn Trine automatically when they fight him. Your next opportunity to learn this is from Godo in the Wutai Pagoda. Note, however, that if you kill Godo before getting the Highwind, then you will not have an opportunity to learn Trine for your fourth Enemy Skill materia which you acquire on Disc 2 after getting the Highwind, so keep this in mind. (Not that this is particularly useful, since you can only have three characters in your party, but if you want everything to be totally complete, you might want to wait.) Finally, you can learn this skill from the Stilva, which also uses Magic Breath, inside Gaea's Cliff. You can never return to Gaea's Cliff after leaving it, so if you want to get Trine from Stilvas, get it then. Note: Stilva occasionally shows up in Battle Square at the Gold Saucer, but you can't learn any Enemy Skills at the Gold Saucer, so don't bother trying. As for usefulness, Trine is useful doing a lot of damage to all enemies if you don't have either Beta or Aqualung. It does lightning damage around the strength of Bolt2, but it's actually a bit weaker than Beta and Aqualung.

Death Force
Star #8
MP Cost: 3
Learn From: Adamantaimai**
Location: Wutai Shoreline
Game's Description: Makes any one ally immune to death
Agent0042's Rating: 2 Stars

Agent0042's Special Notes: Death Force protects a single character against instant death attacks. To learn it, manipulate one of the Adamantaimai (a large turtle creature) on the Wutai Shoreline and cast it the characters with the Enemy Skill materia you want to learn it for. Death Force doesn't seem to protect against Roulette or Death Sentence and it is possible that there are other instant death attacks it may not defend.

Magic Hammer
Star #3
MP Cost: 3
Learn From: Razor Weed**
Location: Wutai Area
Game's Description: Drains 100 MP out of every opponent
Agent0042's Rating: 2 Stars

Agent0042's Special Notes: Magic Hammer can be learned by manipulating the Razor Weeds found on the light grassy areas near Wutai. Magic Hammer absorbs 100 MP from a single opponent, not every opponent as the game's description states. This is the only such mistake I know of in regard to the game's descriptions for the Enemy Skills. (Agent0042's Update Note: Apparently this is a PC / Playstation difference. In the Playstation version, it absorbs MP, but in the PC version, it only drains it.) This skill is essential for beating some bosses at lower levels, including Godo, Yuffie's father in the Wutai Pagoda. (Okay, so actually Godo is the only enemy in the game I found this skill to be particularly useful against.)

Bad Breath
Star #12
MP Cost: 58
Learn From: Marlboro***
Location: Gaea's Cliff (Snowy Areas), Northern Cave
Game's Description: [Poison/Confu/Sleepel/Silence/Small/Frog] on all
Agent0042's Rating: 2 Stars

Agent0042's Special Notes: Bad Breath is essentially the same as Summon Hades, causing almost all status ailments to all opponents. Only one opponent uses Bad Breath: Marlboro. You can't manipulate the Marlboro, so you'll have to wait for it to cast Bad Breath and make sure you're wearing Ribbons on as many characters as possible and have suitable spells/items to aid those you can't equip. You can first encounter the Marlboro in the snowy areas of Gaea's Cliff, but if you miss it then, you can also find it on the right path inside the Northern Cave. If the Marlboro seems to be casting nothing but Frozen Beam no matter how long you wait, reset and try again.

Magic Breath
Star #16
MP Cost: 75
Learn From: Stilva*, Parasite**
Location: Inside Gaea's Cliff, Inside Northern Cave
Game's Description: [Fire/Ice/Lightning] damage on all opponents
Agent0042's Rating: 4 Stars

Agent0042's Special Notes: Magic Breath is a multielemental magic attack similar to Summon Typhon. It uses Fire/Ice/Lightning and therefore is great against opponents which aren't resistant to any elements. To learn Magic Breath, manipulate a Stilva (a large, multi-legged, multi-coloured creature who always appears alone) inside Gaea's Cliff, or just wait for it to cast it. Make sure to cast Big Guard first, as Magic Breath can be deadly at lower levels without MBarrier in place. If you miss Magic Breath inside Gaea's Cliff, or want it for your fourth Enemy Skill materia later, you can also learn it by manipulating a Parasite inside the Northern Cave. These can be found pretty much anywhere inside the cave until the split in the road.

Goblin Punch
Star #18
MP Cost: 0
Learn From: Goblin*
Location: Goblin Island
Game's Description: Non-elemental damage on any one opponent
Agent0042's Rating: 4 Stars

Agent0042's Special Notes: Goblin Punch can be learned from the Goblins on Goblin Island, a small island in the Northeastern corner of the World Map. You can either manipulate them to get them to use this skill on you, or wait for them to use it on you. They're kind of difficult to manipulate, so if you're lucky, they'll just use it on you and then you don't have to worry about it. At first, this skill doesn't seem to useful. It basically deals about as much damage as your characters' physical attacks. However, I've found that it makes a great replacement for my characters' physical attacks when their limit bar is full, but I don't want use their limit break. Just use Goblin Punch and most of the time it'll be just like you did a physical attack, since it costs 0 MP to use.

Shadow Flare
Star #23
MP Cost: 100
Learn From: Ultima Weapon*** (Boss), Ruby Weapon*** (Boss), Dragon Zombie***, Safer Sephiroth*** (Boss)
Location: Near Cosmo Canyon, Corel Desert, Northern Cave, Northern Cave
Game's Description: Big non-elemental damage on any one opponent
Agent0042's Rating: 3 Stars

Agent0042's Special Notes: Your first opportunity to learn Shadow Flare is from Ultima Weapon and if you play your cards right, then you can get it for all of your Enemy Skill materia in this battle. Before the battle, equip all four Enemy Skill materia on the character that you're going to have deliver the killing blow to Ultima Weapon. Now, get into the final battle against Ultima Weapon. He must be floating near Cosmo Canyon in order for this to work. At the beginning of the battle, make sure to cast MBarrier or Big Guard. Shadow Flare is deadly and if the character Ultima Weapon casts it on is KOed, they will not learn it. Now, fight Ultima Weapon. Wear him down and once you've done enough damage, go for the kill. Make sure all your characters (or at least the one delivering the killing blow) is healed first. Cloud's Omnislash would be a great way to do this, if you have it. Ultima Weapon now casts Shadow Flare and then dies. Assuming you used the right character, you just learned Shadow Flare for all of your Enemy Skill materia. If you don't like this strategy, there are other ways to do this. Fight Dragon Zombie on the right path in Northern Crater. Just wait long enough and he'll cast it eventually. He can't be manipulated, so don't try it. You can also learn it from Ruby Weapon (he casts it once in a blue moon, so it's a bad way to learn it) and Safer Sephiroth. (Kinda useless, since it's the final battle.) As for the skill itself, it looks kinda neat, but is nothing special. It's really not better than any of your characters' physical attacks and it only hits one opponent.

Dragon Force
Star #7
MP Cost: 19
Learn From: Dark Dragon**
Location: Northern Cave
Game's Description: Raises the Defense and Magic Def. level of one ally
Agent0042's Rating: 1 Star

Agent0042's Special Notes: Manipulate the Dragon in the Northern Cave to learn this. You can find the Dragon most places in the Northern Cave until the fork on in the road. This skill supposedly raises your characters' defense and magic defense, but I haven't really noticed any difference when using it and don't find it very helpful. I don't know if casting it multiple times has an added effect. Note that the Blue Dragon in the Northern Cave sometimes casts this on himself, but you can't learn it from him, since you can't manipulate him.

L5 Death
Star #20
MP Cost: 22
Learn From: Parasite**
Location: Northern Cave
Game's Description: Causes [Death] on levels in multiples of 5
Agent0042's Rating: 1 Star

Agent0042's Special Notes: Manipulate a Parasite inside the Northern Cave to learn this. They never cast it unless you manipulate them first, so make sure to do that. Not a particularly useful skill. It causes instant death on any enemy that has level which is a multiple of 5. Be careful to make certain that all of your characters don't have levels that are multiples of 5 before trying to learn this skill.

Star #22
MP Cost: 6
Learn From: Death Dealer***
Location: Northern Cave
Game's Description: Pronounces death on any one opponent or ally
Agent0042's Rating: 1 Star

Agent0042's Special Notes: This one is kind of hard to learn. You need to get into a battle with Death Dealer and either manipulate it, or hope it uses this randomly. It will any one character or ally at random and you just have to hope it hits a character that hasn't learned it. You could try equipping all four Enemy Skill materia on one character and then hoping he hits that one. That should work. As for effectiveness, not very. It's an instant kill attack on most nonbosses, but it can also hit your allies, so why even bother? Worse, even if your characters have armor that protects against instant death attacks, or are using Death Force, it won't help. This one was also a Blue Magic in Final Fantasy V.

Angel Whisper
Star #6
MP Cost: 50
Learn From: Pollensalta**
Location: Northern Cave
Game's Description: Revives, restores HP and status to any one ally
Agent0042's Rating: 4 Stars

Agent0042's Special Notes: You can learn this one from the Pollensalta on the right path inside the Northern Cave. She's usually accompanied by a couple of Parasites and looks like one of the magic-casting ladies you usually see paired with two frogs. Just manipulate her to learn this. This is a fairly nice skill that completely heals a character or brings them back to life and also cures all status ailments. It could be used as a replacement for Life2. Oh, and I seem to remember using this on a Magic Pot once and it working just like an Elixir, but I could never duplicate it, so maybe that doesn't work. If anyone can verify the truth or falseness of this, let me know.

Pandora's Box
Star #24
MP Cost: 110
Learn From: Dragon Zombie*** (One time only!)
Location: Northern Cave
Game's Description: Big damage on all opponents, ignores defense
Agent0042's Rating: 3 Stars

Agent0042's Special Notes: To learn this, get into a random battle with a Dragon Zombie. You can find them either on the right path in the Northern Cave, or on the path to Sephiroth. (Sort of a useless option, since you can't save your game at that point.) Make darned sure before getting into the battle that you have all four Enemy Skill materia equipped. Good to go. Good? Now, kill the Dragon Zombie as fast as possible, healing if he causes damage to you. Before dying (if he has enough MP left, you should be okay if you killed him quickly) he will cast Pandora's Box. All of your characters should learn it and you'll be good to go. If something went wrong, reset, as that was your only opportunity in the game to learn Pandora's Box. Also note that if Dragon Zombie doesn't have enough MP to cast this at the end of the battle, you will get the message "Dragon Zombie's skill power has been used up" and will lose your only opportunity to learn this skill. As for the skill itself, it hits all opponents for massive non-elemental damage. Like most Enemy Skills near the end of the game, not particular useful if you already have good weapons and magic.


I used the enemy skill list at to cross-check certain locations and names that I wasn't sure of, but didn't steal any information. Thanks to The Wandering Knight for a good strategy on acquiring the Beta enemy skill really early in the game.

Text version developed for Final Fantasy Shrine. You can check out a version with pictures and more at

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