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Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis Platform Information

Square-Enix Mobile will be both developing and releasing the new Final Fantasy VII prequel titled Before Crisis. The subsidiary of Square-Enix was created in late 2003. So far the only game that's been released under the company's name is "Brave Shot," a space shooter. "Square-Enix Gallery" was also available via AT&T's mMode phones. The gallery is a set of themes that can be downloaded and loaded onto the user's phones.

Although it's been confirmed that Before Crisis will be developed and released via Square-Enix Mobile, the company has not yet made any comments about the possibilty of a release on a more standard gaming platform.

Multiple reports have suggested that the game will be capable of supporting multiple players, although the number of players hasn't been confirmed by Square-Enix Mobile yet.

No cell phone brands or models have been confirmed, although it's quite likely that Square-Enix Mobile will again choose to continue to back their previous dealings with AT&T and Verizon.

There has also been no confirmation about a possible release outside of Japan, on or off the mobile market.

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