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Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis Story

Few details about the storyline have been released by Square-Enix thus far.
It has been confirmed that the game will be considered a prequel to the original Final Fantasy VII game. Before Crisis takes place six years before the events of Final Fantasy VII and it is believed that the storyline will revolve heavily around the Turks and their rise to power.


Before Crisis is going to be released via "Square-Enix Mobile," a division of the popular company that is believed to focus entirely on games for mobile phones. No brands have been mentioned or confirmed.

Introduction - A basic introduction to Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis, the story, and brief details on the upcoming release.

Game Logo - High resolution Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis official logo.

Platform Info - Information about the platform(s) that Square-Enix Mobile plans to release Before Crisis on.

Screenshots - A collection of Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis screenshots that have been released so far.

Before Crisis Index
- Introduction
- Game Logo
- Platform Info
- Screenshots
- Poster Scans

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